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Entrance to Sherwood Forest Community
at 105.4N, 188.8E, 180 degree skew

About the Sherwood Forest Community Project

Sherwood Forest Community is an experiment in community building and culture in a real cyberspace world (AlphaWorld). Sherwood is being planted and populated by members of the Contact Consortium, and organization dedicated to studying, publicizing and enriching the Internet-hosted 3D worlds as a new space for human contact and culture. Contact members are individuals from universities, companies and government institutions interested in culture and contact in cyberspace. Consortium members have years of experience in designing and running MUDs, MOOs and in world building exercises and will apply this to the Sherwood Forest Community Project. We plan to write articles and papers documenting this experience.

The purpose of Sherwood is to try and design a very natural, attractive setting with woodlands, flowers and water and then build a village community in that space. If you would like to join the consortium or join this project, please contact Bruce Damer Director, Contact Consortium.

Towne Charter

Our Purpose

To create a viable community within this new medium of human interaction and to observe how this community will be built, grow and work.

The Spirit of our Community

  • to learn how to work together in a new reality
  • to cherish individual independence while meeting the community needs
  • to interact with consideration for others
  • to create a thing of beauty and function
  • to have a way cool time

Our Community Rules

Be considerate to others and their land and property as you would wish them to be unto you.

Towne services

  • the towne will provide you with newsworthy communication, administration, zoning, and dispute management,
  • the towne will maintain your mailboxes and deliver your post to others in the community and beyond
  • the towne will water the flowers and keep the grass trimmed
  • townesfolk can give you building instruction
  • the towne may condemn unused or misused sites
  • the towne will publishe a free newspaper: the Sherwood Towne Crier
  • the towne will tow illegally parked cars
  • the towne will clean up trash and provide recycling of objects and reclamation of land

Our Next Virtual Event will be Saturday, June 8, 1996

Second Sherwood Build-in

Want to build? See Guide to Builders

WHEN: Saturday, June 8, 1996 starting at 9:00am Pacific Standard Time, (5pm or 17:00 GMT) we will interact for about several hours
WHERE: Virtually in AlphaWorld: 105.4N, 188.8E 180 (degree skew) at the front lot by the postboxes.
Physically the Consortium Team will meet in Santa Cruz CA USA

GETTING THERE: in AlphaWorld: move to 105.4N, 188.8E 180 (degree skew)

WHAT WE WILL DO: We will continue to build our towne and our community!
See our Towne Charter.

A fun-filled day including:

A tour of the site:
    a lovely natural setting of woods, lakes, bordered by an ancient aqueduct left over by our long fallen cyber ancestors.
Discussion of the layout of the new unincorporated (chaos) area:
    Pie in the Sky Bakery, plans for Towne Hall.
Discuss our new project theU
Discussion of the culture of the community:
    town charter, roles: Mayor, Sheriff, Lady of the Land, Towne Architect, Priest and Rabbi, Historian and Cartographer, Towne Administrator, Towne Crier, Village Idiot?
Building in the planned area (on lots)
    Using the common Avatar DigiGardener or Your Own Persona

We will report on all of this on the web site and post screen shot pictures of our activities.

See Scenes from the first and last Sherwood Community Days!
And see the Hot New Sites Going Up!
Use our website as your guide both before and after the May 4 event.

If you have a Windows 95 PC (486/66 or above) and a normal Internet dial up connection at 14.4 or greater, you can participate. To equip yourself with Active Worlds and visit AlphaWorld (home of Sherwood), follow the instructions on our web site to download the Active Worlds Browser.

Joining Sherwood, the Consortium and RSVP

Please let us know if you can join us and at about what time (GMT) you will be coming in. If you want to build you must register as a participant in Sherwood and we will distribute you the DigiGardener shared Avatar. Please contact Bruce Damer of the Contact Consortium to participate in this event. To continue to participate in this and other projects, workshops and symposia, Join the Contact Consortium!

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