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Scenes and Analysis from Sherwood Community Day Two,
May 4, 1996

Dozens of avatars joined Sherwood Builders for the Sherwood Forest Community Experiment Day Two on May 4, 1996. The focus of this day was to experienced shared building on the site in pre-defined lots. Building had started the previous week and many pro builders returned to help neophytes.

We did a lot more than just build.

Building continued until 8pm PST, for a straight 11 hour session on the site!

But all was not sunny and joy, for Kyoti hath struck, vandalising property between Laurel's farm and Blackthornes techut! See his graffiti! What a disgrace! One keen citizen saw his shameful tail as he escaped from the scene of the crime! See the story in the current issue of the Towne Crier!
AWPD we need you!

OUR NEXT event in Sherwood is planned for Saturday June 8, 9amPST-3pmPST. See you there!

Bruce Damer
Sherwood Towne Crier and Director, Contact Consortium

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Greeting the first arrival
Heading to the Talking Circle

Welcome Builders!
Photographer for the Day

CoCreator Psychotherapist Builds!
Welcome to Therapies R Us!

BlackThorne's TecHut
Is that PC Working?

AvaTwin Surfer Dudes!
Meet Australian Surfer Dude!

Al & Sun's Meditation Spot
Kyoti Vandalism!

Find the Sherwood Forest Community at
105.4N, 188.8E 180 (degree skew) in Alphaworld
or TELEPORT there directly!

Installing AlphaWorld and Teleporting

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