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Scenes and Analysis from Sherwood Community Day One,
March 24, 1996

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Fifteen brave souls congregated in the digital hinterlands to participate in Sherwood Forest Community Experiment Day One on March 24, 1996. The focus of this day was to see how easy it would be to have a multi-avatar meeting complete with discussions, a flyby of the site and walkthrough of its features and to begin to form our rules of conduct, methods of cooperation and some semblance of a culture of the community.

Sherwood Forest was laid out by members of the Contact Consortium using the same avatar and citizen ID. The Consortium then assigned lots to skilled builders and uncovered their portions. This allows simultaneous construction of one site by several avatars!

Please find screen shots below in a photo album of the day's events.
Please see our analysis of the Community Experiment

Greeting the first arrival
Trying out the Talking Circle

Guest Tour of Sherwood
Crowd at Damascas Gate

Arriving at New Cabin
Impressions of New Cabin

Anthropologists Kibbitzing

Find the Sherwood Forest Community at
105.4N, 188.8E 180 (degree skew) in Alphaworld
or TELEPORT there directly!

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