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Pedagocial Projects using Virtual Worlds
o The Contact Consortium TheU Virtual University and architecture competition

o The Nerve Garden a shared, generative virtual terrarium for learning about form and function in nature

o Susan Mackey's University of Victoria Site for TheU Virtual University

o Brian Williams' (Underling) Sky City project.

o Missouri's VR in education page

o Center for Electronic Communication Florida Atlantic University.

MOO and MUD-Based Learning Projects

o SolSys Sim a pedagogical MUD simulating future human societies, Reed Riner, Northern Arizona University
o Diversity University
o MOOse Crossing, a kid's MOO for learning, by Amy Bruckman, MIT Media Lab (now at Georgia Tech)
o MOOs for Education

Internet-enabled Distance Learning (CSCL) Projects and Institutions

o Class.Com High school diploma from the nation’s first fully accredited, university-based independent study high school.
o Turoff and Hiltz at New Jersey Institute of Technology, originators of the
Virtual Classroom. Also please see many papers at Roxanne Hiltz's homepage.
o Virtual Online University
o Bienville University, a nonresidential distance-education institution for undergraduate and graduate studies in business and healthcare administration.
o Great paper on a Virtual Campus in Spain
o Amsterdam Virtual University (in Dutch)
o VirtuOsi Project at Nottingham University
o Virtual Antioch University
o University of Western Florida Virtual Classroom
o Open University Distance Learning
o Science Space Worlds at George Mason University
o North Central University. Offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology, Business and Technology.
o Southern California University for Professional Studies (SCUPS), a distance education university offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees
o The Virtual Lecture International Project
o The EDUTEC project at the El Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONCYTEC) in Peru.

Initiatives in Internet based Distance Learning

o Virtual University from SmartStates
o SmartState Workplan for a virtual university

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