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Current Official Sites within the Sherwood Lands

The following is a list of specific buildings and lots under assignment, construction or completed. Please visit here again for the new Towne map when it is ready. It will provide a visual guide to the layout and come complete with image-mapped teleports!

New Building Plans

After our last Sherwood Build-in day (May 4) there were many new plans laid for the next construction and zoning of Sherwood Towne.

Towne Expansion

It was determined that our area for building (inside the walls) is too small so a Towne expansion was undertaken. The new areas added include:
  1. Lots were laid out to the North West out past the swimming pool. Three large subdividable parcels now exist around the corner of the property by the old factory ruins and immediately opposite the Treehouse Gate.
  2. Sod was laid down on the other side of the road by the Damascas Gate by the vandalized area to prevent further encroachment.
  3. On either side of the frontage road a huge area was protected which runs from the borders of the Nurenberger Platz, along the river, beside the fortress and down Greyfox's land back back to the frontage Road.
  4. New land is being considered between Greyfox and the Moroccan Fez Palace and the Windbreak Treeline.
  5. This side of the property is bounded by the inexplicable and very long Lee's Least Wandered Path.

Ideas for the assignment of the new expansion

  1. New Towne, a modernistic settlement
  2. Chaos building area with a distributed common avatar

Proposals on the table for new building

  1. Nancy's Pie in the Sky Bakery
  2. Roger's Church
  3. Hanna's house by the lake
  4. Theone and AW Builders City Hall
  5. AWPD Police Precinct Office
  6. Towne Crier Newspaper Office and Printing Plant
  7. Jerry's Chaos Castle

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