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Towne Crier

Our very vocal Towne Crier played by Bruce Damer

The Crier is the the keeper of the list of towne residents, and their addresses. The Crier calls out events and happenings in the towne and flogs the Sherwood Towne Crier rag.

Our all powerful Towne Lady of Lands played by Johanna Silverthorne

Who was in charge of assigning lots, setting easements, making new land.

Our fair Towne Mayor played by Lynn Macias

Who settles all disputes and has final say in all matters in the Towne.

Our Savy Towne Manager played by our Webmaster

Who can answer all questions about towne policy and is the drafter and keeper of the rules of the towne.

Our studious Towne Cartographer and Chronicler played by Steven Hanly

Who is the drafter of the towne guide and chronicler of the history of the towne and its people.

Our magnificent Towne Architect played by ??? (we need you!)

Who takes care of the good looks of the townsite and all the construction of its folk.

Active Builders special guest community designers

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