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Sherwood Forest's Community Broadsheet

Issue #2,
Year of Our Lord May 8, 1996

Vandals Stryke Sherwoode!!

Our peaceful town has been struck by vandalism! Lot "B" has been defaced by someone calling themselves "Kyoti". This happened sometime during the Great Building Day on May 4th when there was much confusion and many strangers about. One of our children playing with a camera took a picture that might possibly be the culprit, but as you can see, the quality of the picture is very poor. We can not make a positive I.D. from it. If you have any information regarding this terrible crime, please contact someone in the Sherwoode government.

Town Manager, our Webmaster, has offered a reward of free coffee and doughnuts for a year at the soon to be built Pie In The Sky Bakery for information leading to the swift capture of this deranged person. She is quoted as saying "We must spare no effort to find out who is doing this. If he is not captured, who knows what will happen next. We must not allow our beautiful town to be terrorized like this."

Please, if you know who is doing this, or know whose picture this is, tell someone. This is a sick person. He needs help.


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