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Web developer's guide to 3D Avatars by Sue Ki Wilcox

"The WebDeveloper.com Guide to 3D Avatar Tools" (ISBN 0-471-24216-0) is really the best book on Avatar design there is. Find it at this page on Amazon.com.


Avatars! Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet, by Bruce Damer

The original book about Avatars, a starter kid for new and experienced citizens. CD-ROM contains many ready to run worlds. See the book homepage and you can order the book directly on this page on Amazon.com.


Michael Heim's wonderful books on cyberspace including his new Virtual Realism: (Oxford U. Press, 1998) begins where the Metaphysics left off. Once we discover the new reality layer, we need look at the social and aesthetic impact of virtuality. "Virtual Realism" describes the art of virtual worlds and explores its social impact.

Find out more about all these books at Michael's homepage


Envisioning Cyberspace by Peter Anders

A fabulous new book about cyberspace and how we perceive it and ourselves there. Find more about it at this page. This book discusses the many ways to design spaces that exist in electronic form (i.e. computer games like SimCity or in CAD systems). Virtual reality and the Internet are leading us to a future of more sophisticated 3D interfaces. Examples from top designers in the field illustrate how architects, designers, planners, and programmers can create cyberreal electronic spaces.

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Michael Powers' How to Program Virtual Communities

The original book on the art and science of creating and managing virtual communities with avatars, and MUD bases. A virtual community is an online space where people interact in a social sense. Using easy-to-understand directions and practical examples, Webmasters will learn how to successfully create these communities on their sites, and master expert tips and tricks that will bring people back to their site again and again. - Easy, step-by-step instructions for the most popular solutions in text, 2D, and 3D. You can order the book directly on this page on Amazon.com.

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