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San Francisco
Oct 26 and 27, 1996

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Image Gallery
Earth to Avatars 1996 Conference Photo Album

Avatar Exhibits
Voce WorldSong
Grand Avatar Social/Avvy Awards

Conference Program
Speakers, Moderators and Hosts

Living Worlds Announcement

Mark Meadows and VRML 2.0
Additional Images from the Conference Program
These images are all saved as maximum quality JPEGs at 320 by 240.
Great Debate: Alexander Besher
VMRL in Marketing and Electronic Commerce: Adrian Scott
Interfaces: Andrea Gallagher
Avatar Cyberspace Constitution: Bob Gelman, Lori Fena
Avatar Standards: Bernie Roehl
Avatar Standards: Bernie Roehl
Living Worlds: Robert Rockwell
Applications of Worlds: Brett Leonard
Bruce Damer
Bruce Damer, Keynote Charles Ostman
Avatar Standards: Dan Greening and Kirk Parsons
Avatar Constitution: Dan Greening and Ms. Lammarre
VMRL in Marketing and Electronic Commerce: David Colleen
The Great Debate Panelists
Applications of Worlds: Dave Marvit
Applications of Worlds: Randy Farmer
Living Worlds: Franz Buchenberger
Glenn Crocker
Living Worlds: Gregory Slayton
Living Worlds: Gregory Slayton 2
Digital Communities: Jim Bumgardner
John (?) from SGI
Keynote: John Sculley
Konstantin Guericke
Kirk Parsons
Kirk Parsons 2
Digital Communities: Kitty Wells
Digital Communities: Linda Stone
Living Worlds Screen Shot
VRML 2.0 Workshop: Mark Meadows+Screen Shot
Great Debate: Maclen Marvit
Moses Ma
Keynote: Mark Pesce
Great Debate: Bonnie Nardi
Interfaces: Nathan Wagoner Nerves Screen Shot Nerve Garden Screen Shot
Interfaces: Onlive Screen Shot
Interfaces: Reed Hoffman
Living Worlds: Rodger Lea
Living Worlds: Rodger Lea and Mitra
Interfaces: Sang Mah
Interfaces: Stuart Gold
Living Worlds: Skuli Mogensen
Virtual Worlds as Theatre: Mark Petrakis
VMRL in Marketing and Electronic Commerce: Tig Tillingshurst
Keynote: Tony Parisi with Mark Pesce
Living Worlds: Tony Parisi
VMRL in Marketing and Electronic Commerce: Screen Shot 1
VMRL in Marketing and Electronic Commerce: Screen Shot 2
Digital Communities: Wendy Sue Noah
Digital Communities: Wendy Sue Noah 2

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