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The Contact Consortium
A Global Forum for
Virtual World Cyberspace

(formed 1995)

Founded from CONTACT, Cultures of the Imagination
(formed 1982)

Special Interest Groups
The Artificial Life Project
(formed 1996)

Virtual Worlds Roadmap
An industry-sponsored roadmap for a sustainable virtual worlds industry
(formed 2008)

Virtual Worlds Timeline

History SIG
(formed 2006)

Computer History SIG
Sponsored the 2007 LINC restoration project
(formed 2007)
Virtual Worlds and Learning
(formed 1998 - archival site from 2001, see Scicentr pages for current work)

Archive of past SIGS:
Sherwood Forest Towne: community building experiment (1996)
TheU: Virtual Univeristy and Architecture Competition (1996)
SocioAnthro: The Sociology and Anthropology of virtual worlds (1997)
WEAVE: Women Entering Avatar Virtual Environments (1997)
VW-Theater, VW-Arch, VW-Psych, VWLANG and other SIGS.

See the historical archival website here and visit our 1996-2004 conference pages here
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